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David Lady has earned a reputation as a Master Artist in the Halloween and horror industry.   Beginning in the early 1980s, Lady has amassed credentials in a range of complementary yet diverse talents.  His experience and expertise span six areas: Author- writer  (books, magazine and newspaper articles, comics, comedy sketches, scripting for the annual Horror Hotel tour); Illustrator (the 40-issue Hassle Castle comic book series, the comic strip The Costumer, popular Halloween clip-art and catalog illustrations);  Event Coordinator (Haunted House attractions,  Horror Hotel, Chamber Of Horrors Museums, American Red Cross Blood Drives);  Designer-Sculptor-Maker of Masks (custom design and fabrication for attractions, museums and private collections plus film and TV work including Casper, Zombiethon, Earth Girls Are Easy, Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity, Life Goes On, Saturday the 14th Strikes Back); Performer (The Late DR LADY Show, DR LADY’s Horror Gallery, HauntWorld The Movie video series, Zombiethon, Saturday The 14th Strikes Back); and Presenter (Chiller Theatre conventions, The National Halloween Trade Show, The Midwest Haunters’ Conference, various schools and libraries).   He is also currently employed as Mayor of the town of Chatfield, Ohio.  Lady resides in Chatfield with his wife Laura.  Their annual haunted attraction, the award-winning Horror Hotel museum tour, also serves as home to the Ladys and their “family” --a growing collection of monsters, ghosts, aliens and zombies.  David insists that he has been dead since 1997 and remains convinced that it’s his destiny either to save the world or to destroy it (he hasn’t been able to determine which yet).