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A Halloween enthusiast’s itinerary would be incomplete without a stop at HORROR HOTEL for a tour of what has to be the nation’s most unique and original Halloween attraction.

Rumored to be built upon the portal between the world of human beings and the great beyond, HORROR HOTEL provides accommodations for all the ghosts and monsters who materialize each Halloween season for their annual trip to haunt the land of the living.

Winner of several national haunt awards and voted one of the country’s top 13 haunted attractions in online polls, this cross between a haunted house and a classical wax museum comes to life each October inside its creators’ home (!), a 150-year-old hotel in central Ohio. Every year, the husband-&-wife team of former Hollywood FX artists David and Laura Lady turn their already bizarre home into a haven for strange and deadly creatures of every kind. They offer guided tours to curious human visitors, who are shown through the hotel’s lobby, dining hall, library, laboratory and various guest rooms occupied by various odd and inhuman beings. The emphasis is on the all-encompassing fantasy-horror theme, bombarding guests with a sensory overload of menacing, unsettlingly realistic life-size monster figures and a level of set detail that is unsurpassed in the industry. First-time visitors often find that they need to go through the horrific halls of the hotel more than once just to take in all its freaky sights and sounds.

Promoted as being suitable for all ages, HH rejects the usual haunt scenes of blood-drenched victims in favor of a morbid sense of graveyard humor, preferring to use its ever-changing cast of ghastly ghouls to entertain rather than simply to shock. Drawing more out-of-state traffic each year thanks to its growing reputation as a must-see event for horror fans and Halloween buffs, the hotel is an easy destination even for spooks with no sense of direction. It’s conveniently located on State Route 4 in the village of Chatfield, 45 minutes south of Sandusky (home to Cedar Point Amusement Park) and 75 minutes north of Columbus.

The hotel is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings in October. Hours, admission price and exact dates sometimes fluctuate from year to year, so interested parties are encouraged to check for the gory details before loading up the family hearse and making the trek to Chatfield. Write to David and Laura Lady, c/o Horror Hotel, 6977 State Route 4, P.O. Box #8, Chatfield, OH 44825 or email them at thedavidlady@hotmail.com or thelauralady@hotmail.com. They’ll leave a light off for you!