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Laura Lady has an impressive list of credits within the Halloween, horror and fantasy realms.   She is mainly known within the industry for her elaborate custom hairwork on masks, busts and prop heads for haunted attractions, private collections and museums, but she has also worked as a Costume Designer and Seamstress for films (Tremors, Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity, Harry And The Hendersons), television ( The Late DR LADY Show) and various Halloween haunted attractions; a Maker of licensed character mascot costumes (Smokey Bear, Sparky The Fire Safety Dog, Jeffrey Giraffe for Toys-R-Us, The Ice Capades, Princess Cruise Lines); a Performer (The Late DR LADY Show, DR LADY’s Horror Gallery, Zombiethon, HauntWorld The Movie video series); Sculptor of Masks; and a Tour Guide-Hostess (Horror Hotel Monster Museum).  Laura also co-writes the script for Horror Hotel along with her husband David each year.  She has been featured in various Halloween industry and horror film magazines and had the honor of being depicted in her vampire makeup on a special U.S. Post Office cancellation stamp to coincide with the release of the Classic Monster Postage Stamps in 1997.