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David Lady………..himself
John “Wolfie” Hamrick………Wolfie
Laura Lady………..herself
Kellie Hamilton………Ilean

First went on the air in north central Ohio in October of 2003.  Each 2-hour episode features a horror or sci-fi movie plus approximately 30 minutes of DR LADY’s hosting segments and comedy skits shown at the breaks.  

The setting is Horror Hotel, a hotel for monsters owned and operated by DR LADY (a frustrated would-be mad scientist who is also some unspecified type of revenant), his wife Laura (a vampire) and their assistants Wolfie the bumbling werewolf handyman and Ilean the (possibly human) maid.   He always serves up a healthy helping of  cinematic trivia about the evening’s feature (sometimes showing viewers a mask or prop from the film) and the remaining skits and bits are typically a free-wheeling rapid-fire collection of jokes and blackouts, mock TV series and commercials, and spoofs of popular horror and sci-fi movies and themes.

The series is taped at the Ladys’ home, an actual 150-year-old former railroad hotel which they also open to the public for guided tours weekends in October each year.   Horror Hotel the attraction features all-new scenes and themes each year, and is considerably less silly than on the TV show. Similar to traditional horror host shows in format, the show is unusual in that the host and hostess are basically playing slightly exaggerated versions of themselves as opposed to out-and-out character portrayals and that much of what is depicted is at least loosely based on some genuine aspect of the cast’s oddball lives. Trying to separate fantasy from reality in this series can be a challenge.